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How is Molybdenum crucible made?
Sep 26, 2017

How is a Molybdenum crucible made?


Molybdenum crucible has a wide range of applications: rare earth metals smelting, vacuum coating, crystal growth etc.

Baoji Kedipu New Material Co., Ltd is able to manufacture crucibles with five different processing methods: Welding, Sintering, Machining, Spinning and Stamping.

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Welded Molybdenum crucible: crucible is made by welding a few pieces of Molybdenum plate or sheet together. Wedded crucible is the cheapest, though it may leak at the soldering seams. When mechanical strength is of too high requirement, like in rare earth metals smelting, welded Molybdenum crucible is widely used.

Sintered Molybdenum crucible: Implementing powder metallurgy, Molybdenum crucible is sintered after pressed in mold by cold iso-static pressing machine. Using this method, we can make large size crucible with diameter 100~300mm.

Machined Molybdenum crucible: This is a most widely used Molybdenum crucible. The crucible is machined from a forged Molybdenum bar or rod. From machining, Kedipu is able to manufacture crucible from Dia10mm to Dia100mm.

Spinning Molybdenum crucible: Spinning is a pressure forming and processing method to form thin-wall hollow rotary parts. It relies on the feed movement of rotary wheel or lever rod to add pressure to the metal blanks rotating along the same axis of core mold. Spinning molybdenum crucible is a thin-walled crucible made of a piece of molybdenum plate by adopting the spinning process. This process can be also used to produce large-size thin-walled crucibles.

Stamping Molybdenum crucible: Similar to the process of making Molybdenum boats, Molybdenum crucible is stamped form Molybdenum sheet. These Molybdenum crucibles are widely used in ruby growth.

Kedipu is also able to manufacture Tungsten crucible, Tantalum crucible, Niobium crucible, Zirconium crucible, Nickel crucible, Titanium crucible and OFHC (Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity) copper crucible. Just tell us your requirements, we’ll deliver you with shinny crucibles.

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