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A New Option To Optimize Scooter To Its Full Potential -- Titanium
Jan 20, 2018


    Scooter is a vehicle that is powered by you. It has two wheels, a deck for placing your feet and a handle bar. They are made from different materials like aluminum, steel, or titanium. From kids to grownups, anyone can own and use one to go around as it gets you to your destination faster than on foot. 


    The handle bar is where you keep your hands while you push along on the scooter to work from home. This is a brilliant design and helps you maneuver it, whilst keeping in contact with the road. On some models there is a hand brake which is very useful when weaving in and out of traffic so you can stop quickly if a hazard appears. These are adjustable so you can adjust it according to your height. Most adult scooter will have enough height of handlebar (as much as 40 inches) so even a person taller than 6 feet can easily ride.

    Are pretty self-explanatory, they are what you hold onto on your scooter. These are generally made from one of two materials - aluminium alloy or steel alloy, but you can even get Titanium bars!  


    The scooter world is always looking for the best new thing. Titanium seeks to provide a middle ground option between aluminum and steel, offering advantages that make up for the disparity of weight and compatibility found with traditional materials. Scooter bars are typically manufactured with either aluminum or steel, however various scooter companies including YGW and Affinity are now adopting the use of titanium in manufacturing their bars.

    Titanium is more dense than aluminum and therefore is a heavier metal. Since it is stronger, you are able to use far less material  without compromising strength. Due to this, bars made of titanium generally weigh less than those made of aluminum. The benefits of Titanium doesn't just stop with strength and weight- compatibility is also a factor. Aluminum bars require a thicker tubing diameter in order to maintain as much strength, resulting in aluminum bars being limited to only over sized outer diameter with a standard inner diameter. Meaning you can only use certain compression systems. Titanium bars are produced in both standard and oversized outer diameters so you can run any compression system currently on the market.