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Attending The Sixth Annual Conference Of Chinese Molybdenum Industry
Nov 02, 2016

The sixth session of China Tungsten and Molybdenum Industry Annual Conference was held in Luoyang Modu lihao International Hotel on October 20th, 2016. Luoyang Municipal People's Government, China Nonferrous Metals Association, the global tungsten molybdenum rhenium production enterprises, tungsten and molybdenum downstream industry chain enterprises, media reporters, investment companies and representatives of the securities industry nearly 450 people attended the conference.

The theme of this conference are the innovation and sustainable development of the tungsten and molybdenum industry. The conference attracted the eyes of domestic and foreign enterprises. From the market of tungsten and molybdenum to the interpretation of China's tungsten and molybdenum sustainable strategic choice, from the extension of Luoyang tungsten and molybdenum to the global development of tungsten and molybdenum, from the application of tungsten and molybdenum in the iron and steel industry to the nuclear power industry New energy, from the concept of resource mining to green mine, from 3D printing to sapphire screen panels, etc., a series of fantastic speeches and unique insights will inevitably draw the attention of global tungsten and molybdenum industry.

Baoji Kedipu New Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this conference. The chairman Mr. Chen Yuzhu made a speech to the General Assembly. He put forward the development of tungsten and molybdenum high-end market ideas and presented a piece of ink to conference to wish the success of the sixth annual conference of Chinese molybdenum industry. 


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