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Baoji Kedipu Participate In The Second Session Of New Material Technology Docking Exchange For Military And Civilian Dual-use.
Oct 21, 2017

The second session of new material technology docking exchange for Military and civilian dual-use was held in Beijing Wanshou Hotel on September 23, 2017 .


China Shipbuilding, National Defense Science and Technology Commission, National Defense Science and Technology Bureau, China Electronic Technology Group, China Aerospace Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute, the military weapons and equipment procurement information center, China Launch Vehicle Technology Research Institute, China Arsenal Industry Group, China Aviation Industry Technology Research Institute and other key national military aerospace agencies participated in this conference.


Baoji High-tech Zone leaders also participated in the General Assembly, Baoji Kedipu's chairman Chen Yuzhu was invited to attend and delivered a speech to the General Assembly, and presented a "innovation-driven development" Of the congressional calligraphy, received warm response from the General Assembly.