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Current Situation Of Non-ferrous Metal
Jun 02, 2018


      Non-ferrous metal is the basic material of domestic economy ,there are large number of company use it as raw material ,such as airplanes ,speaceflights ,cars ,machine manufacturing, electricity, communication industry, construction and electric appliance.

      With the development of the modern chemical, agriculture and technology, non-ferrous metal plays an important role in the human advancement .Non-ferrous metals is not only a core material in the world, but also a significant element in the human life.

      From the found of the people’s republic of China , Chinese non-ferrous metal have reach a great achievement. Today, we have set lots of non-ferrous mine, smelting factory and also have set up the geological investigation and construction unit. On the another hand, we can do the scientific research, education, environmental protection, material supplying, import and export trade. Nowadays, non-ferrous metal has formed a relatively reasonable system.