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Directly Factory Supply High Purity Molybdenum Electrode
Nov 30, 2018

Molybdenum electrode has high temperature strength, high temperature oxidation resistance and long service life. Based on these advantages, it is commonly used in daily glass, optical glass, thermal insulation materials, glass fiber, rare earth industry and other fields.

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The main component of the molybdenum electrode is molybdenum, which is produced by a powder metallurgy process. The internationally accepted molybdenum electrode has a composition content of 99.95% and a density of more than 10.15 g/cm3 to ensure the quality of the glass and the service life of the electrode. Commonly used molybdenum electrodes range in size from 20mm to 152.4mm and can be up to 1500mm in length.

The use of molybdenum electrodes instead of the original heavy oil and gas energy can effectively reduce the pollution of the environment and provide the quality of the glass.


Molybdenum electrode is widely used in daily-use glass, optical glass, thermal insulation material, glass fiber, rare earth industry, etc. Due to its high temperature strength, high temperature oxidation resistance, long service life, corrosion resistance and difficulty in coloring glass. Diameter 10~100mm, length 150~1500mm.

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