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High Quality Of TZM Alloy Products Is Hot Sale At Baoji Kedipu
Jun 08, 2018

Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum Alloy,shortened name is TZM Alloy,It is a high-temperature alloy commonly used in molybdenum-based alloys. Its composition is 0.50% titanium, 0.08% zirconium, and the remaining 0.02%  molybdenum carbon alloy.


TZM alloys have the characteristics of high melting point, high strength, high elastic modulus, small linear expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, good electrical and thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, and good high-temperature mechanical properties, and thus widely used in many fields.


The common  methods for preparing TZM alloys (molybdenum zirconium titanium alloys) includes arc-melting, a casting method and powder metallurgy technology.