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Introduction Of Molybdenum Boat Processing Technology
Jan 22, 2019

A method for processing a metal molybdenum vessel, relating to a method for processing metal molybdenum and molybdenum alloy vessels such as molybdenum crucible and molybdenum boat in a reduction and baking process in a metallurgical chemical process. The utility model is characterized in that the processing adopts a molybdenum alloy plate with a thickness of 1.5 mm ≤ plate thickness ≤ 4 mm, and the mold is heated together with the molybdenum alloy plate to maintain the temperature of 400-1200 ° C, and the pressing speed of the control hydraulic machine is controlled at 5 mm/min- 1mm/min for a deep drawing. The method of the invention adopts a molybdenum alloy plate with high temperature strength and moderate plasticity, simultaneously heats and heats the mold and the plate, and slowly draws the hydraulic machine to form a metal molybdenum and a molybdenum alloy vessel such as a box-shaped or a circular molybdenum crucible or a molybdenum boat. The wall thickness is less than 1.5mm, and can effectively avoid the cracking, earing, wrinkles, etc. generated during the drawing process, effectively reducing the defects of the molybdenum alloy vessel, increasing the yield, and prolonging the life of the metal molybdenum vessel.

Molybdenum boat 1. Specifications: Made according to the size provided by the user. 

                              2. Material: MO-1 or molybdenum based alloy. Density: 10.15-10.2 g/cm3. 

                              3. Production method: the plate is bent and riveted by calendering. 

                              4. Adaptation temperature: It can be used under the conditions of 1400 °C-1900 °C. 

                              5. Maximum processing range: ≠7-8mm or less × 50×200×1000.

照片 304

Among all metals, tungsten and molybdenum have a very high melting point, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and good thermal conductivity, and are therefore widely used in many different industrial fields. In the specific application, we have created the tungsten boat and molybdenum boat with perfect performance by adding various alloys.