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Baoji Kedipu New Material Implemented The First Phase Of 6S Management Summary
Oct 13, 2018

Since the company started 6S management on October, it has determined the first stage work objectives for the outstanding problems of the company:

     1, Propaganda and mobilization to let employees understand 6S management knowledge and operation                  methods;

      2, cleaning up unused items, the work site can not have items that should not be;

      3. Organize useful items, and place items on the spot. Can't be messed up;

      4, clean and hygienic, the site and equipment can not have a sanitary corner;

      5, safety remediation, the work site can not have the hidden dangers that have been discovered.

Under the joint efforts of managers and employees at all levels, through a variety of work methods and measures such as propaganda training, window display, WeChat reminder, guidance inspection, clean-up and rectification, and supervision and rectification, especially the main workshop has paid a lot in the clean-up and rectification. After the arduous labor, the company's factory appearance and production environment have been significantly improved. Initially, it has a neat and orderly external form. The employees also have a basic understanding of 6S management. After the company organized a comprehensive inspection and acceptance, it was agreed that the company's implementation of the first phase of the 6S target has been achieved.

The first stage of finishing, rectifying, cleaning and paying more labor, the best effect of the unit: machine plus workshop.

The first stage of finishing, rectifying, cleaning and paying more labor, the effect of better units: warehouse, forging workshop, rotary forging workshop, rolling mill workshop, machine repair workshop.

Infrastructure and logistics have laid a very good foundation for 6S management in the improvement of factory appearance. The R&D center has maintained a neat, orderly and clean working environment before the implementation of 6S. Here, they are given affirmation and praise. .

The IF workshop and quality inspection department have been in the process of relocation or transformation, and have made fruitful efforts in the first phase.

The departments and offices have improved to varying degrees as a whole.

The rivet welding workshop was limited by objective conditions (a large number of molds were not stored, and the working area was scattered). The first stage also made some efforts, but environmental sanitation and tool storage were not in place.

Although the first stage has achieved remarkable results, this is only a change in the external appearance, but the first stage of implementing 6S management. I hope that the advanced people will make persistent efforts, and the latecomers must catch up.