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Kedipu In China Titanium Valley Titanium Industry Expo 2017
Jun 16, 2017

With the theme of New Era, New Materials, New Applications, China Titanium Valley Titanium Industry Expo was held in Baoji Exhibition Hall in April 26, 2017. Baoji Kedipu New Materials Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition as one of the first-class Tungsten and Molybdenum Enterprises.

Kedipu CEO was invited to attend the opening ceremony, and discussed further cooperation with some customers. During the exhibition, our booth drew a lot of attention from officials of Baoji city government and domestic and international customers.

The exhibition mainly showed the application areas of Titanium material, like military equipment, aviation, aerospace, navigation, petrochemical medical equipment, daily necessities and so on.


In the Exhibition, our vacuum furnace heating chamber, ultra-wide Molybdenum sheet, Molybdenum plate, Molybdenum tube, Molybdenum bar, Molybdenum wire, Tungsten plate, Tungsten tube, Tungsten bar, Tungsten wire, Tantalum bar, Niobium rod, large-size Titanium target, China/Japan/USA patented Mo-Nb alloy target, and the lately developed high-temperature Nickel based alloy were highly praised by the visitors.