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Kedipu Offers Especially Inventory Sheets Of Molybdenum
Aug 18, 2017

Materials expert Kedipu offers a wide range of inventory semifinished products from molybdenum. And there is a particularly wide selection of sheets: Alongside standard and premium sheets, Kedipu also offers inexpensive economy sheets. These sheets share the same, familiar high standards in terms of mechanical properties, workability and material purity. The attractive price is the result of tiny surface defects, which are of no significance for applications in the field of thermal processes. For corrosion protection layers, shielding layers and applications that require additional processing of the sheet surface, it is the metallurgical, physical and chemical properties that are of far greater importance.


Molybdenum sheets are available in different thicknesses and lengths. The products are cut to size using state-of-the-art laser and water jet cutting technologies. This guarantees absolute precision. After they have been cut to the required size, the sheets are on their way to the customer after a maximum of 3 working days.