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Meeting With The Former President Of Peru
Dec 14, 2016

On December, Mr. Alejandro Toledo and his wife held talks with Mr. Chen Yuzhu, General Manager of Baoji Kedipu New Material Co., Ltd. in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. They deeply discussed the development of non - ferrous metal smelting and cooperation, etc.

Peru is rich in mineral resources,which is one of the world's 12 largest mining countries, including copper reserves lists in third of the world . Other non-ferrous metal reserves also occupies an important seat in the world. Baoji Kedipu New Materials Co., Ltd., one of the most powerful non-ferrous metal manufacturers in the northwest China, devoted to the production and research and development of non-ferrous metal for several years.


This meeting is a rare opportunity for both Peru and Baoji Kedipu New Material Co., Ltd. During meeting, Mr. Alejandro Toledo and Mr. Chen Yuzhu reached consensus on a number of cooperation issues. I believe the future cooperation between them will be more closely.


After the meeting, Mr. Chen Yuzhu present a calligraphy writen by himself to Alejandro Toledoon as a gift, which was admired by Alejandro Toledo and his wife.