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Which Industry The Molybdenum Rod Used ?
Nov 23, 2018

          Molybdenum rod usage and description.

Molybdenum bar has unique high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion performance.At high temperature, it can effectively resist oxidation and has high strength in use.Because molybdenum products have the characteristics of easy oxidation, mild oxides encountered in the production of work can be used to add abrasive cleaning agent, with a soft cloth or sponge and other soft items to wipe, and finally can be washed with warm water.


The surface of sintered molybdenum bar is silver gray metallic luster, the surface of wrought molybdenum bar has a layer of oxide, the surface is generally black, polished molybdenum bar, will show silver gray metallic luster.

At present, it is widely used in manufacturing electric vacuum devices and electric light source parts. It is also widely used in high-temperature heating elements and high-temperature structural parts. In addition, it can be used as the electrode of furnace in the glass and fire-resistant fiber industry, and it is also widely used in the rare earth metallurgy industry.


 Molybdenum rods shall be individually packed with PE pearl cotton material on the packaging, and then placed in appropriate boxes with enough space around, so as to prevent some vibration during transportation and damage to the products.

These are the advantages of molybdenum bar in use, as well as some problems in daily work, I hope you can use it reasonable.