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Plum Rains Season
Jul 13, 2018

The rainy season is the climate phenomenon with continued overcast sky and rainy day when the warm and humid airflow of Pacific Ocean brought by the southeast monsoon in June and July each year passes through the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China, Taiwan, south central Japan and southern South Korea. Because it is the maturity season of Jiangnan plum, it is called "Meiyu", which is the rainy season in this period.


In the rainy season, the humidity is high in the air and the clothes are prone to mildew. Therefore, some people also call it the "mildew rain".


In this year, the rainy comes later and heavier than usual. Most cities have a heavy rainfall on July. Even more, Some people have a joke that they need a boat than a car when they go out.Therefore, our shipment was delayed by the heavy rain either, hope the customer can understand such situation. However, the cold rain still can’t stop our enthusiasm of offering your highly-quality product and considerate services. We are here for your order no matter what kind of metals (TUNGSTEN, MOLYBDNEUM, TANTALUM, NIOBIUM, ZIRCONIUM, TITANIUM, NICKEL) you need.