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Rotable Sputtering Targets
Nov 01, 2018


we are a leading manufacturer of sputtering targets, arc cathodes and evaporation materials for PVD thin film technology worldwide.


We focus on customer requirements and provide effective solutions based on over 17 year of experience, and our rotatable targets is our core products. Baoji Kedipu New material co.,ltd  is your best choice for Monolithic rotary sputtering targets for PVD Thin Film Technology.




Compared to planar configurations, Baoji Kedipu  cylindrical sputtering targets offer:

- Larger erosion zones that provide 2 to 2.5 times the material utilization

- Longer target life that reduces the frequency of downtime for changeouts and chamber maintenance

- Custom manufacturing in monolithic, segmented or thermal spray formats

- End features that are precision machined for individual cathode system designs

- Reduce the cost of ownership for large area coating operations

- Variety of materials including

- Optimum grain size and uniform microstructure assure consistent process performance through full end of life

- Complete homogeneity and high purity levels produce consistent coverage

- Able to supply materials to any size operation from R&D to full-scale production




Fabrication processes vary based on material composition, application process and product end use, our targets manufacturing methods including:
> Vacuum melting
> Forging
> Casting        

> Hot & cold isostatic pressing       
> Inert gas hot-pressing

> Plasma spray     
> Sintering
> Precision machining    

Our Main Products:

Tungsten/Molybdenum/Tantalum/Niobium/Hafnium   Chromium 


- Large Area Glass Coating(Low-E,Solar,Automotive)

- Display industry(Touch panels, LCD, LED)

- Optical Industry

- Wear & Decoratives

- Solar & Photovoltaic