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Spring Festival
Feb 08, 2018

In ancient china, It is a Legend of spring festival. A beasts called “Nian” is very ferocious with a long sharp horn in its Head, who usually appear on New Year's Eve to eat animals and hurt people.


One day, people knew that the beast “Nian” was coming, so they took all livestock to shelter in the Cave. At this moment, a white bearded grandfather came out and said that he know how to chase it away . It turned out that the “Nian” is afraid of reds, flares and explosions, and so on. So people drive off the beast “Nian” by these methods.


After that, the beast “Nian” never dared come again, but these traditions are preserved till now.  


During spring festival, people will have New Year's greeting, paste Spring Festival couplets, New Year pictures and window stickers, set firecrackers, send red envelopes, wear new clothes, eat dumplings, enjoy big new year dinner with all family members , watch lion dance, hang red lanterns and spend a happy new year together.

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As the coming of Spring festival, We would like to thank you for your kind support through all the time by this opportunity. Wish you a prosperous “Wang” new year.


Please kindly noticed that we’ll be out of office from Feb. 14th to Feb. 21st, 2018 (The year of “DOG”, which means “Prosperous” in Chinese. ) for the Spring Festival (New Year Eve: Feb. 15th, New Year: Feb. 16th. ).


Orders will be accepted but not processed until Feb 22nd, 2018, the first business day after the Spring Festival. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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