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Tantalum Pipe
Oct 19, 2018

Tantalum cannot be processed by the ordinary method of processing general metals. Generally, the initial process is a heat forging, and a flat blank or a circular small and medium billet is formed by hammering and punching.


We can manufacture welded pipes and seamless pipes for a wide range of applications. Seamless tubes can be made by extrusion, tube reduction or deep drawing with sheet metal. The welding method is to form a strip, then form a tube, and then weld the joint with a gas tungsten arc (GTAW).



Advantages and disadvantages of tantalum seamless pipe and welded pipe




welded pipe


1: uniform wall thickness, good internal surface quality

2: High production efficiency. low cost

3: Easy to produce large diameter pipe

4: Short production cycle

5: Product quality is easy to control

1: Poor flexibility, it is not suitable to produce products with large specifications and small batches.

2: Weld seams are often weak links

3: Weld seam cleaning is difficult

4: Ellipticity is not easy to control

5: High dimensional accuracy requirements for the strip used

Generally suitable for producing large batches of products

seamless pipe

1: Can produce small gauge pipes and capillary materials

2: Good flexibility, suitable for producing small batches and many specifications.

3: Uniform performance of all parts of the pipe

1: The uniformity of wall thickness is difficult to control

2: Long production cycle and low yield

3: The equipment is complicated and the investment is large.

4: Difficult to produce large diameter pipes

Generally suitable for the production of small quantities of small products


As an skilled manufacturer, we are able to offer you tantalum pipe. Please feel free to contact me if you have need of tantalum product.