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The Application Of Tungsten Wire
Dec 20, 2017

With the exception of a small amount used as a heating material in high-temperature furnaces, electron tubes and composite stiffeners, tungsten wire are mostly used in the production of various incandescent and tungsten halogen filament lamps and gas discharge lamps electrode.


Tungsten wire promote the origin and development of the lamp industry. Its application depends on its ability to resist creep at high temperatures. With the character of extremely high melting point (~3,695 K) and low vapor pressure at high temperatures, tungsten is well suited as a filament. However, tungsten is rather brittle, which makes the production of tungsten very difficult. Today, Protecting filaments from damaging is a key part of the entire lamp manufacturing industry.


tungsten wire.jpg

Tungsten wire is mainly used in producing various types of incandescent lamps. The most common types are general home lights, car lights, floodlights or projectors and reflectors. Tungsten wire is also widely used in many professional lighting fixtures, such as audio-visual projectors, fiber optic systems, video cameras, airport runway markers, medical and scientific instruments, stage or studio systems and more.


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