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The Integration Of Military And Civilian Create Brilliant - Baoji Kedipu Participate In National Defense And Military Cooperation Conference
Jun 19, 2017

"2017 advantage private enterprises participate in national defense and military equipment cooperation conference" was held in Beijing Wanshou Hotel from June 17th to 18th.

The military, naval, air force, rocket army, Chinese weapons, strategic support force, China Shipbuilding, China Aviation, electronics, Nuclear power, and scientific research institutions, more than 80 member of private high-tech military guidance expert committee and hundreds of outstanding private enterprises attended the meeting.

The director of the China Aviation military financial center, Xiao Shengda, addressed the opening speech of meeting and introduced the theme of the task, and other military, Chinese nuclear power leaders delivered speech.

nickel bar.png

The general manager of Baoji Kedipu New Materials Co., Ltd, Chen Yuzhu, as the representatives of military business, introduced the company's new products, new projects, new technology and signed a strategic cooperation protocol with the colonel of military logistics department, Xu Hao. At the end of the meeting, the entrepreneur and calligrapher, Chen Yuzhu, presented the calligraphy works to the conference.

As a private enterprise, Baoji Kedipu New Material Company response to the proposal of President Xi,“military and civilian integration”strategy, and establish high-temperature nickel-based alloy, light hard alloy, nuclear grade zirconium nickel production line, high temperature nickel-based alloy sheet, bar, used for nuclear power from last May. Besides, Our company was regarded as a "northwest regional military qualification acceptance consulting office" to provide professional advisory services for the Northwest region enterprises by People's Armed Police Commission.

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The company leaders and the national private military enterprises exchange experiences and learn from each other in this conference, and lay a good beginning and foundation for the company to obtain military qualifications and enter into the military enterprises.