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The Introduction Of Tungsten Wire
May 02, 2018

Tungsten wire, filaments made by forging tungsten rods,then drawing it.

Tungsten wire is mainly used in electric light sources such as incandescent lamps and halogen lamps and so on. 

Tungsten filament  is used as light emitters in light bulbs also require the incorporation of small amounts of potassium, silicon, and aluminum oxides during the melting process. This kind tungsten filaments is not only known as doped tungsten filaments , but also knows as 218 tungsten wire or non-sag Tungsten Wire.



Tungsten wire is generally drawn by various drawing dies.Tungsten wire mainly used in two in aspects,one is  manufacture filaments and the other one is  high-speed cutting alloy steels . It is also used in optical instruments and chemical instruments.

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