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The Latest News From The EPA In 2018
Aug 24, 2018

Under the encirclement of the environmental storm, non-compliant enterprises were shut down one after another, and a large number of factory were forced to close. The environmental inspection team has already proved by action that the inspector is not a small thunder and a small rain.

What are the environmental inspection inspectors generally check?

According to the speech of the relevant inspectors of the inspector group, the focus of the environmental protection issue is to inspect the provincial party committee and the provincial government to implement the national environmental protection decision-making arrangements, solve the main environmental problems, implement the responsibility of environmental protection subjects, promote the provincial ecological civilization construction and environmental protection, and promote ECO development.

1. Focus on the prominent environmental problems and their handling of the central government's high level of concern, strong public reflections, and poor social impact;

2. Focus on the inspection of regional watersheds and remediation of environmental quality deterioration;

3. Emphasizing the situation of local party committees and governments and their relevant departments on environmental protection and acts of chaos;

4. Focus on understanding the local implementation of environmental protection party and government responsibilities, one post and two responsibilities, strict accountability and other circumstances.


Our factory was also affected by the environmental protection, hope the customer could understand our situation.