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The Military And Civilian Integration In 2017
Dec 09, 2017

The theme of "2017 the access qualification of military equipment and civilian participation in military cooperation promotion conference" sponsored by Baoji Municipal People's Government, Beijing AVIC Jun Rong Technology Management Center and private high-tech enterprises sponsored by the Guiding Commission for the Army's Participation in the Army, Baoji Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Baoji Civil-military Integration Development Service Center, Military Equipment Industry Alliances Union, Baoji City military and civilian integration industry Undertaking, Beijing Military Joint Certification Services Ltd., Baoji Kedipu New Material Co., Ltd., Baoji Titanium Association, Association of Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises Association organized co-organized in Baoji City, was held successfully in Dongling Crowne Plaza Hotel On December 2nd, 2017.


The purpose of this meeting is to help people participating military enterprises to understand the central government's policy on the latest military and civilian integration and help enterprises understand and master the latest army in order to better implement the important instructions of Chairman in the 19th CPC National Congress on further promoting the integration of civilians and military Equipment and supporting business opportunities, and further expand the cooperation between the military and the local authorities to step up understanding and grasp of the relevant policies and regulations and procedural documents of the above-mentioned civilian participation in military service under the background of military and civilian integration and being familiar with the procedures for procurement and examination of military equipment and procedures and effectively making social resources such as private enterprises Participate in the national defense military package to provide accurate and pragmatic comprehensive guidance services to comprehensively promote the in-depth development of military and civilian integration industry.