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The Production Process Of Molybdenum Screw
Mar 12, 2019

Firstly, high-purity molybdenum rods are used to ensure uniform density, and the purity above 99.95.

Second, machining the molybdenum rod precisely by a high-precision CNC lathe make the threaded part and the polished rod size to meet the processing requirements.

The third step is now the most important step. Since the molybdenum material belongs to powder metallurgy, the phenomenon of tooth loss is particularly common when making threads. Kedipu has mastered and understood the mechanical processing properties of tungsten and molybdenum materials based on years of processing experience. . Choosing the right equipment and process, as along with special thread cutting fluid ensure the yield of molybdenum processing parts, threading up to 95%.

Molybdenum screw

The fourth step, the finished product inspection, ensure that each size meets the requirements of the drawings. The threaded part is uniformly inspected by a thread ring gauge to ensure a reasonable fit clearance.

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