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Tungsten And Molybdenum Materials Industry
Jan 11, 2019

Our tungsten and molybdenum materials and products industry is one of the largest professional deep processing industrial bases for tungsten and molybdenum materials in China. The products mainly include plates, sheets, foils, strips, rods, boats and furnace materials of tungsten, molybdenum and their alloys, semiconductor structural parts, sputtering targets medical equipment parts and so on.


 After nearly a decade of independent research and development, the industry has taken the lead in realizing the localization of high-precision tungsten-molybdenum devices for medical equipment, actively participating in international competition, and actively participating in international competition, and has formed an annual production capacity of 5 million pieces.

 At present, we are designing and manufacturing low-oxygen TZM alloy, CCFL molybdenum electrode and high-temperature vacuum (atmosphere) furnace as a breakthrough to actively explore the international market for tungsten, molybdenum materials for semiconductor equipment, liquid crystal displays and high temperature furnaces.