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What Are The Characteristics And Performance Of Molybdenum Sheets?
Dec 05, 2018



                                             What are the characteristics and performance of molybdenum sheets?

As a rare metal, molybdenum plate has very valuable useage in today's market. Today, Baoji Kedipu New Material Co,Ltd will explain some application characteristics of molybdenum plate:

Firstly, the molybdenum plate has very good thermal conductivity. The reaction of thermal expansion and contraction during use is not very good. The good electrical conductivity has become an important material for the electronic power equipment manufacturing industry. Of course, it is also very good in other industries use.

Because the molybdenum plate can withstand high temperature of 2900 degrees in vacuum, it is the most widely used thermal conductive material in the spacecraft industry. In addition, molybdenum has good corrosion resistance and high abrasion resistance, which makes it a lot of work production Advantages, and can greatly reduce energy consumption in use. At the same time, molybdenum electrodes in the glass melting industry are also very common. In the automotive industry, molybdenum can also be used for thermal spray transmission components and piston rings.

The above are some specific characteristics and scope of molybdenum plate and molybdenum rod. Please choose it reasonable during using .