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What’s The Application Of Molybdenum?
Jan 12, 2018

With the characteristic of excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and high tensile strength, Molybdenum is widely used in the electrical and electronics industries with the form of molybdenum electrodes, molybdenum crucibles, TZM and other molybdenum products .


Due to its excellent properties of high strength, high temperature resistance, long life, good corrosion resistance, easy to oxidize stained glass, Molybdenum Is widely used in glass melting, rare earth smelting and other industries as molybdenum electrode, molybdenum rod, molybdenum plate, molybdenum boat, molybdenum crucible, molybdenum wafer and other molybdenum products.



Molybdenum products are also used in important missile industries. They are suitable for high temperature structural components such as molybdenum nozzles, advanced control panels, support blades, supports, medical radiation protection molybdenum targets, heat sinks and more.


Due to the highest temperature of molybdenum products about 1650'C (3000'F), many molybdenum products are also used in nuclear, chemical, glass, metal industry. with good acid resistance, Pure molybdenum often used in chemical processing industry.