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Zhuhai Air Show Witnessed The Chinese Dream Flying Higher And Higher, Baoji Kedipu Is Proud Of This
Nov 09, 2018

On November 6, the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (China Air Show) opened at the Zhuhai International Air Show Center. The Chinese nation has passed on the dream of flying. After several generations of astronauts' struggles, China's space industry has created a brilliant achievement represented by "two bombs and one star", manned spaceflight and lunar exploration, and has embarked on a development path of self-reliance and independent innovation.

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The new equipment has always been the most eye-catching “landscape” of the air show. At this year's air show, the Chinese Air Force's multi-frame JIAN-20 fighters will be on display, and a number of air force active service main battle equipment will also be unveiled. The air show is not only a "blue sky feast", but also a "concentrated debut" of high-tech technology.

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